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Home of the finest and most extensive line of English Wheels and English Wheel accessories in the world. We’ve taken Old English know-how and improved upon it with U.S. technology and skill. Every machine is hand-made to the finest tolerances. Our equipment is the most reliable, most rugged, most stable equipment money can buy. MetalAce has become the name that professional metal shapers trust. That’s why we say, “Craftsmen know.” 


We invite you to shop and compare. Our range of models offer choices in leg design and throat depth, a huge selection of anvil wheels, more attention to detail, service second to none, affordable prices, and rigid iron frames as well as other benefits too numerous to mention.



English Wheels

Our made in the USA machines are used by race teams, home hobbyists, aviation and auto restorers, custom motorcycle builders, autobody shops, garden artists, sculptors, HVAC businesses and just about anyone shaping metal. We’re the most copied manufacturer in the industry. That’s because we’re innovative. Please be cautious as you look at cheaper “knock-offs.”  Differences in quality aren’t always easily visible. With MetalAce, you will get more results with less effort than with any other manufacturer and a name you can trust. We invite you to become one of our satisfied customers.


Our heavy welded steel frames are finished with a tough powdercoat paint to withstand the demands of a metal fabrication shop. Gusseted construction ensures the frame will always stay rigid and perform the same for years on end.

The crucial components on each model are adjustable to allow the machine to be trued to factory perfect tolerances at any point in the machine's lifespan. These same adjustments allow for some more complex metalshaping procedures as well.

The attention to detail throughout the lineup creates an easy-to-use machine that produces results quickly while the operator focuses on the work at hand, not the machine.


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