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MetalAce Shrinker/Stretcher Stand

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This MetalAce shrinker and stretcher stand is a simple design that gives a powerful pedal ratio for easy shrinking and stretching. Will make any standard metal shrinker or stretcher a more productive and useful machine. Hands free operation allows better control of your metal work and much faster results! Mobile unit on casters allows easy transport around the shop for access wherever needed. Built in the USA, the sturdy construction and powder coated finish makes the foot-operated shrinker / stretcher stand ideal for the hobbyist or professional metal shaper.

Other features include:

  • Fabricated of heavy wall steel tubing
  • Heavy duty return spring means quick action and long life
  • Powder coated finish for durability
  • Threaded tie rod allows quick and easy adjustment for initial setup
  • Stand height: 42 inch (with tools on stand the overall height is approx. 47-1/2 inches)