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Mechammer Mark II Planishing Hammer Deluxe Kit

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The Mechammer Mark II Planishing Hammer is affordable, easy to learn, and easy to use. Mechammer calls it their 'set it and forget it' machine, implying once the machine is set up, it doesn't require constant adjustment for varying material or thickness. The electric motor and clutch drive system powers a belt driven air motor that operates a reciprocating piston. The piston works with the installed tooling to create cushioned hammer blows to your panel. Pistons are interchangeable for heavier or lighter blows to the panel and can help fine-tune the hammering action to achieve the proper shape. An aluminum piston is also available for aluminum work and fine planishing applications.

Unlike traditional planishers, Mechammer dies do not clamp the material. Dies simply rest on the material to give the operator ultimate control of the panel. Die sets are available for a variety of tasks such as planishing, beading, shaping, flagging, and tipping. Other specialty anvils including linear stretch and thumbnail shrinking dies are offered as well. Mechammer offers extensive tooling options that are not found with other brands.

We've included every available die set with this Deluxe Mechammer package. This includes planishing, beading, stretching, tipping, flanging, and more! Other features include a 22-inch throat depth, variable speed operation up to 3000 beats per minute, and a flanging arm for work in tight spaces.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty


  • Throat Height (inches): 22
  • Throat Depth (inches): 20
  • Steel Capacity: 16 gauge (1.5mm)
  • Strokes per Minute: Variable Speed up to 3000
  • Motor: 110v
  • Weight (pounds): 325


  • Mechammer Mark II
  • 40mm flat upper die
  • 17 piece planishing die kit
  • Hammer weight set
  • Beading die set
  • Tipping die set
  • Soft upper die holders with phenolic inserts
  • Thumbnail shrinking die set
  • Linear stretching die set
  • 2r square die
  • Square die set
  • Small hammerhead die set
  • Double crown die set
  • Small 22mm die set
  • Edge tipping die
  • Oil and special oil bottle

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